Club Rules

  1.  All MNSW rules apply(refer Manual of Motorcycle Sport).
  2.  No Alcohol or drugs to be consumed on club grounds at any time during official ride day times.
  3.  No Riding in the Car park.
  4.  NO children allowed in point score area or in the canteen unless authorized.
  5.  No smoking in the pit area or paddock or where fuel is stored.
  6. Any rider found interfering with a bike may be expelled from the club.
  7.  All riders must sign an indemnity form prior to riding – juniors will require parent or guardian to sign.
  8.  Parent/guardians will be required to help marshal on all ride days or your children will not be able to ride.
  9. NO abuse or swearing at officials.Junior riders must have a parent/guardian present on the ground at all times.No Marshall – No Ride.
  10. Riders must obey track signs and flags at all times.
  11. Club grounds are closed at all time other than official ride days as set down on the calendar.
  12. No pushbikes allowed on ride days.
  13. Enclosed footwear must be worn in the pit area.
  14. No animals to be on club grounds on any day.
  15. Juniors Yellow log book(including licence)must be presented and left at sign on  NO BOOK – NO RIDE – No EXCUSE.
  16. Scrutineering starts at 7.15am and closes 8.30am.
  17. Sign starts at 7am and closes at 8.15am.
  18. All riders must attend riders briefing which will commence at approx 8.45am.
  19. There is a working bee on the Saturday before every meeting.
  20. All members including Life Members are expected to do the right thing at all times. If not loss of membership may occur.
  21. It is the responsibility of all members to stop and report to club officials any wrong doings or potential problems.
  22. All riders need to have their own insurance, including health and ambulance cover.
  23. The Committee reserves the right to accept or refuse membership.
  24. A rider MUST complete 5 rounds to be eligible at end of year presentation.

Please remember these rules are for the safety of all who enjoy our sport – so please respect them!