Name:                  Joe O’Donnell

Age:                       15

Classes:                15 years 125cc and 13-15 years 250cc

Main achievements over the past 12 months:

  • Finished 3rd overall at the Australian Junior MX titles in Tasmania in the 14-u16 years 85cc
  • Finished 2nd overall in the Eastcoast MX series in the 14-u16 years 85cc
  • Finished 2nd overall in the NSW state titles King of MX in the 14-u16 years 85cc
  • Finished 1st overall in the Cessnock MX Club in the 14-u16 years 85cc and 12-14 years 125cc
  • Finished 1st overall in at the 2-stroke cup in the 14-u16 years 85cc

What got me into mx:

I always loved motorbikes and one day when I was about 9 my dad bought me an old bike and we started racing and it’s been a journey since then

What keeps me racing:

Honestly the amount of fun I have while riding is what keeps me motivated to keep training hard and getting faster and faster

My main inspiration:

At the moment my main inspiration would have to be Ken Roczen because of the amount of bad luck he has had in the past few years he keeps coming back and still wins races

My main goals for the next 12 months:

My main goal is to train really hard all year and keep pushing and win the Junior Australian MX title at the end of the year is my main focus for this year to come

Training tips:

My main tip is to never give up no matter what happens and to keep putting in the hard work and be 100% dedicated and good things will come

My support team:

My sponsors/supporters for this year are

  • Husqvarna Australia
  • Motorex Australia
  • Shock Treatment Suspension
  • Chris Watson Motorcycles
  • DMK Designs
  • Sledgehammers Apparel
  • Herbalife Nutrition
  • My whole family
  • Brad and Mel Pointer

What do I love about Cessnock MX:

I love the track for start but I also love the friendly community there and the whole committee for everything they do making sure that the track is amazing every round and the number of hours they put in, thank you